Food Shelf



Food Shelf Ministry


“If you had no choice but to use the food shelf today…what items
would you like to have to serve your family a meal?
And what non-food items would you really need?”



Look over the suggested items below…Bring items to church and place in the bins in the overflow. We’ll deliver items to the Food Shelf every Fellowship Dinner Sunday (2nd Sunday), or more often if the bins are full!




Sugar – Flour – Rice – Macaroni – Spaghetti -Crackers - Dry Milk – Beans  

Macaroni & Cheese – Hamburger Helper – Oatmeal – Cereal(hot & cold) – Coffee/Tea

Pancake Mix – Crackers

Canned Goods:

Vegetables – Peanut Butter – Baked Beans – Tuna – Soups – Chili

Spaghetti Sauce – Catsup – Fruit – Applesauce – Oil

Baby Items:

Diapers – Wipes – Baby Shampoo – Baby Lotion – Baby Formula

Dry Baby Food – Jars of Baby Food

Household Items:

                  Bar Soap – Laundry Detergent – Toilet Paper – Kleenex

                 Dish Soap – Paper Towels – Cleaning Supplies

Personal Hygiene:

                Shampoo – Toothbrushes – Deodorant – Razors – Shaving Cream

                Tampons – Feminine Napkins – Band-Aids